L I L A C is a multi-disciplinary project using movement, live projection, sound, and text to explore the shifting experience of a single sensory memory over time.

The piece consists of a solo dancer lit by two projectors from the side. The projection functions as a cinematic lens with which to view the dancer. The lighting scans the dancer and zooms in and out directing the audience’s gaze. This ability to focus on specific body parts and gestures creates the affect of intimacy while still viewing from a distance. 

Distance plays an important role in this piece, distance between the dancer and the affect of the event, and distance between the dancer and the audience. This work is an unfolding aftermath, not the recreation of an event. The dancer exists in a liminal space—an aftermath—created by the tension between emotionally evocative text and the clean sterile world of the digital light.

Choreography: Mahaila Patterson-O’Brien
Dancer: Felicia Lau
Sound: Alex Mah + Remy Siu
Projections: Remy Siu
Text: Jasmine O’Brien