They may be masked, hidden or exposed by light. They are precise, they rarely devolve. They never emote. They are a blank canvas of abstract gesture, time, and space. They are just a version of themselves, once a version of someone else. They are looking for the pleasure in emptiness.

8bitself is created for two performers with live projection and sound. The piece centres around complexity and using that as a platform to create intention and relationship between the two performers onstage. The complexity consists of intricate patterns that each hold their own internal rhythm creating an ever shifting landscape. There is also an emphasis placed on repetition and unison. The space exists mostly in silence which creates a heightened tension between the performers as they have to be highly attuned to one another in order to navigate and remain synced together. 

The work was built by creating and solving puzzles, pushing the performers to give in to the mental rigour of the task. 

The projections and sound were created after the movement was set and the challenge was to allow them equal weight without having them overwhelm the movement. The result is a very simple but defined the space that adds punctuation to the intimate moments of the work.

Choreography: Mahaila Patterson-O’Brien
Dancers: Felicia Lau + Erika Mitsuhashi
Sound + Projection: Remy Siu

Photography by Juan Contreras